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TMIP receives Innovation Endorsement certificate from ClassNK

26 April 2023
Terasaki Electric Co., Ltd.

Terasaki Electric Co., Ltd. has received the Products & Solutions certificate for its TMIP(TERASAKI Marine Information Platform), an Onboard Data Platform, by the ClassNK Innovation Endorsement which is new certification service for innovative initiatives.
The Products & Solutions certificate is given by ClassNK, a third-party organization certifies, for innovative functions that utilize digital technology. This time, the various functions of the TMIP have been verified and its innovative functions have been recognized.

About TMIP
TMIP is an Onboard data platform that collects and stores various onboard data and provides the data to each application. It contributes to data utilization and optimization of onboard work.

The certified functions of TMIP are as follows.
1. Functions to provide data to Solution Provider (SP) as Platform Provider (PP) defined by IoS-OP.
2. Data collection by various methods such as communication with other devices and direct input from sensors.
3. High-speed cycle and long-term data collection, and the collected data can be saved as a file in any channel and at any cycle.
4. Auto data save before and after a status change such as a device failure.
5. Redundancy is available with two computers to continue saving data safely in case an error occurs.

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