Toward the 100th of Our Founding

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having shaped history for 90 years,Terasaki is still bent on contributing to mankind and his society.

寺崎電気産業株式会社 代表取締役社長 寺崎 泰造

Terasaki Electric Co., Ltd. marked its 90th year of business on October 1, 2013. This owes entirely to the support and patronage that everyone has given our company. Since October 1, 1923 when founder Yasutaro Terasaki started making and selling knife switches and switchboards, we have striven to manufacture power distribution and control systems, breakers and electronic devices on a base of electric energy control technologies, and, in that process, supported the shipping, construction, manufacturing and other key industries of the world on the core businesses of "marine systems," "industrial systems" and "circuit breakers." We view this 90th anniversary as a waypoint. With a mind for change and innovation, and a plethora of know-how and an impressive track record compiled over these many years, we want to meet the needs of more customers around the world in our core businesses plus the new business fields of medical devices, and engineering and lifecycle services

President Taizo Terasaki