Management Philosophy

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1. Pleasure of Producing and Selling Products

We take pride in achieving great joy by producing world-class products, focused in the electrical and electronic fields. We also take joy in providing these products all over the world. Strong emphases are essentially placed for in our quality assurance, on-time delivery schedules, and our quest for continuous productivity improvements.

2. Customer-first Policy

We strive to fulfil the needs and satisfactions of our customers who have chosen our products and provide them with our best services.

3. Winning in Competition

We are in a competitive world. Competition drives progress and opens new paths forward. We welcome competition and are totally committed to outcompeting our rivals.

4. Global Expansion of Business

As members of the international community, We will stay as a global company that manufactures world-class products.

5. Vitalization of Human Resources

We take joy in working with our colleagues and strive to make the work place a rewarding environment for every staff throughout their life journey.

6. Corporate Ethics

We maintain a strong ethical stance, strictly observe all laws and regulations, and broadly fulfill our social responsibilities.

7. Proper Distribution of Profits

We will make efforts to achieve sustainable increase in profits. We will also distribute the profits properly as follows:

  1. Technological development and capital investment for future growth
  2. Dividends to shareholders
  3. Improvement of our employees' quality of life