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1923 TERASAKI ELECTRIC WORKS, the antecedent of TERASAKI ELECTRIC, was established in Konohana-ku, Osaka, on October 1 and started manufacturing switches, distribution boards, and switchboards.
Until 1940s Period when switch, distribution board and switchboard businesses expanded.
Late 1940s Succeeded in developing of Japan's first MCCB(breaker).
Entered the electric equipment market for ships in response to the shipbuilding policy of the Japanese government.
1950s Established its position as the top manufacturer of power distribution control systems for marine use.
Established former TERASAKI ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. after re-organization.
1960s Started development and commercialization of applied electronics products for vessels.
Developed kinds of systems for marine automation.
Started domestic sales of circuit breakers.
Succeeded in developing the current-limit breakers, which was a world-class invention.
Contracted with distributors in 10 countries in Europe for exporting circuit breakers.
1970s Established sales offices and factories in Britain, Singapore, and Brazil.
Established YABAKEI SEISAKUSHO CO.,LTD. in Oita pref.
Delivered a number of power distribution systems for Offshore Oil Rig.
1980s Received the transfer of operations from former TERASAKI ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. and reorganized current TERASAKI ELECTRIC CO.,LTD.
Commercialized electronic equipment and systems in response to needs for factory automation.
Sales of co-generation system increased rapidly.
Established sales offices and factories in Malaysia, Spain, and Italy.
1990s Succeeded in developing the marine total automation system, TERANET32.
Established an office and factory in Guangzhou China.
Attaining ISO 9000 certification at all domestic and overseas offices.
2000s Attaining ISO 14001 certification at all domestic offices.
Established a sales office in Sweden.
Established Shanghai office in China.
Established TERASAKI ELECTRIC IMARI CO.,LTD. in Saga pref.
Attaining ISO 13485 certification at domestic office.
Listed on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange (formerly the Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ).
Established an office and factory in Shanghai China.
2010s Attaining OHSAS18001 certification at domestic office.
Sales of TERASAKI Shore Connection increased rapidly.
Introduced the world's largest Photovoltaic power supply systems for marine use. (As of March, 2010)
Sales of D.C. breakers for new energy markets increased rapidly.
Established TERATEC(USA) INC.
Completed a testing station / logistic center.
Completed a new head office building on the grounds of our Kami Factory.
Opened a Training center.
2020s Developed the "TemBreak PRO" molded case circuit breaker.
Attaining ISO45001 certification at domestic office.
Developed the "TemPower PRO" air circuit breaker.
Transferred to the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market.
Developed the "HS50" medium voltage switchgear.