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Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Policies


Terasaki Electric Co.,Ltd., Terasaki Electric Imari Co.,Ltd. and Yabakei Seisakusho Co.,Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "the Company") regard human health and safety and conservation of global environment as one of the most important issues common to the human beings. The Company gives consideration to ensure the health and safety of personnel and environmental conservation in all aspects of the corporate activities. The Company commits itself to carrying out its activities toward the realization of comfortable workplace environment and contributing to the building of sustainably developing society.


The Company's business activities include the design,manufacture,and sales of circuit breakers,switchboards,control panels,electric/electronic control systems, and other similar products. The Company will reduce the environmental load resulting from its business activities and ensure the health and safety in its workplaces. In order to promote the environmental conservation and the comfortable workplace environment, the Company will carry out the following activities while ensuring the best balance between technical feasibilities and cost-effectiveness.

  1. To build up a management system that conforms to ISO45001 (Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System ) and to address continued improvement and prevention of injuries, diseases, and pollutions considering the opinions of employees.
  2. To accurately interpret and comply with the applicable legal requirements for the Company's hazards,those for the Company's environmental aspect, and other requirements that the Company agrees to.
  3. To ensure the following points while taking personnel's health and safety and environmental impacts into consideration :
    a)Promotion of activities to save energy and resources
    b)Promotion of activities to minimize, reuse, and recycle waste
    c)Consideration for environment and personnel's health and safety in the development and design stages of products
    d)Consideration for reduction of quantities of regulated chemical substances used and personnel's health and safety
    e)Reduction of environmental load and procurement of supplies and equipment that give consideration to health and safety
    f)Prevention of disasters and promotion of health
  4. In order to make effective the occupational health and safety activities and the environmental conservation activities, the objectives and targets will be annually reviewed and then established. They will be made aware to all the personnel working for the Company in promoting the activities.

April 1,2020
Taizo Terasaki,President
Terasaki Electric Co.,Ltd.

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